Travel Sized


The Bean Boot, hyperlink to the website that I found these on.

How does one pack for moving abroad for 5 months? It’s a struggle or has been for me at least. Especially with the expected cold weather in Uppsala. Luckily, I have been in contact with my “buddy” that Uppsala International Student Program has provided. She suggested bringing many warm boots as the snow came late this year and looks like it will be staying late. Highly suggested by other friends who have studied abroad, I invested in a pair of L.L Bean boots. They have fur on the inside and are waterproof AND they are cute! I have tried them out in the cold Amherst-Massachusetts weather and could not be happier! I also was given a backpack that I will use for weekend trips. Europe is known for having access to cheap transportation but when you use one of these companies you are not permitted to bring large bags or suitcases.  I will also bring a few other random boots that I have accumulated and inherited from my mother. My “buddy” also said that I should bring work out clothing, as there are many places in Uppsala to work out at. That is exciting! Hopefully if I pack these work out clothes I will find motivation to work out and keep the “study abroad 15″ off.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 3.58.39 PM

I depart for Uppsala in about 24 hours so I have started to pack. I am flying with British Airways, who seem to be quite allowing when it comes to luggage. I can have a carry on small luggage that can weigh 51lB and then a checked bag that can also weigh the same. I personally will be bringing over a second checked back for an added cost. I figure that if I can bring over some items such as sheets and towels, the cost of having the extra bag will be less than the cost of having to buy those things in Sweden. PlusI will have extra space for the return flight to bring home some souvenirs!


The Satchel

The theme of my packing so far has been SMALL and to pack only what I NEED. With the underlying thought to at the same time bring as much as possible to avoid spending money in Sweden on things that I already own. My purse will now be replaced with this black satchel. It is small and flat, can fit all the necessary daily items, fits under my big bulky coat, and hopefully will help me escape all pick-pocket-ers across europe. Pictured with it is the passport that I cannot forget, along with a Sweden culture/travel guide book. You can also see my two brand new mascaras that got, which leads me to my next topic.


Travel sized items to refresh me from the flight.

Travel sized everything. Anything that could be made travel sized and that I could get away with using small amount of I am bringing. I am not sure when I will be able to visit a Swedish pharmacy/ beauty supply store so I brought some basics to last me. Lots of hand sanitizer and moisturizer for the flight. I am bringing whatever medication I may need as well, to avoid having to see a doctor while I am in Sweden. I also managed to make some of my sheets/towels/comforter smaller by using Ziploc Space Bags. They are WONDERFUL. They flattened all of those bulky items down to nothing. I took all extra stuff that I had at my house so that if something happens where it can not return home with me, I won’t be devastated


Another GREAT investment!

As I stated before, Sweden will be COLD and I do not have room to bring my entire wardrobe. I was able to sort through my closet and bring a compilation of some long sleeve shirts, light sweaters, and heavy sweaters. This way I can mix and match to create many different outfit variations as well as have multiple layers to combat the cold weather.


Sweaters, on sweaters, on sweaters!

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